Types Of Wooden Pallets

wooden pallets for sale

The agricultural and industrial sectors benefit from using wooden pallets for sale for storing and transporting commodities. It doesn’t matter if you’re a grower of fruits, flowers, or vegetables or work in a warehouse or manufacturing facility; pallets are essential to your operation. They make an equally good accessory for domestic purposes. Knowing the many types and sizes of wooden pallets available can help you choose the right one for your needs.

There are many types of pallets for sale, but they all appear the same from a distance. No two pallets are the same when you get up close.

Materials to make pallets include reclaimed wood, repurposed plywood, and plastic. These are some of the most typical sorts of pallets you’ll come across in a warehouse or the back of a supermarket.

Block Pallet Racking

Thanks to their four-way entry, forklifts can reach these pallets from all four sides. Four to 12 cylindrical wooden posts are commonly used to support the upper deck boards on block pallets made of wood, plastic, or plywood.

With or without bottom boards, blocks can be arranged in various ways. This design incorporates both parallel and perpendicular stringers to improve handling.

Stringer Pallet

Sturdy wooden pallets for sale are known as “two-way stringer pallets” because they are supported by stringers (the boards running between the top and bottom deck boards). Only two forks can enter the two-way pallet.

Pallets that allow access from all four sides are called four-way pallets, and they are identical to two-way pallets. Four-way stringer pallets can be classified as either having notched stringers or having block designs. Only forklifts and pallet jacks can access a notched stringer pallet from all four sides. It is possible to enter the pallet jacks and forklifts from four different points on the block design pallets.

A Pallet with a Double Face

Single-face and double-face pallets for sale are the two most common types of pallets. There are decks on both the top and bottom of double-face pallets. Adding a bottom deck to a pallet strengthens it and disperses the weight.

Reversible and non-reversible double-faced pallets are available. It is possible to place objects on both sides of a reversible pallet. As a rule of thumb, most non-reversible pallets feature one side that is more densely packed with boards for storage and packing.

This pallet’s top and bottom deck planks protrude beyond the stringers or stringer boards. With this design, pallets appear to have “wings” on the side.


Pallet with Solid Deck

Solid deck pallets have a flat surface made up of a single huge wood sheet. Many customers find these pallets visually pleasing and easy to maintain and carry. Smaller things can be easily transported or stored on these pallets, although other varieties of pallets might leave these behind.

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