What Do You Need To Know About Essendon Bombers Merchandise

Essendon bombers merchandise or also known as the Essendon Football club was formed in the year of the 1872 in the suburb of the Essendon located in the city of Melbourne. The headquarters of this is still in the Melbourne. Over the time, this club played number of games in the AFL and not only played but won number of these as well. This is also designated as one of the original team in the Victorian football league

Why are the Essendon bombers merchandise called bombers?

In the start the team universal name was “the Dons” which was derived from the name of the Essendon but then after the war in the 1940, they changed their names and became the Bombers.

The ASADA Investigation:

In the late 2013, it was suspected that the players of the club used some kind of the drugs before the game to improve their performance which was against the rules and the laws of the game. Therefore, to investigate this allegation a 16-month long investigation was held and after this investigation 34 players were given the show causes in the June 2014. These players were alleged to be using the Thymosin due to which all of these players were suspended from the game for the period of the two years but since these players have already been on suspension in the years prior therefore, the suspension period was not long enough. The 12 players who were suspended at that time are still the part of the present team. But after the investigation and the verdict, the Essendon bombers merchandise released their official statement in the 2017 before the finals could start to clear out certain things. Although their game was improved and they played well but they could not win the final that year.

The symbols and identity of the Essendon bombers merchandise:

Initially the jumpers were blue but then red was also incorporated and the present uniform of these is still red and blue. Since these are famous by the name of the bombers and therefore, the song of the club also is related to the bombers and the current version of the song was recorded in the 1972. They have their own mascot which is named as the Skeeta Reynolds which is derived from the name of the player in the club who is Dick Reynolds. He was given the name of the Mosquito fleet and more precisely he is known as the red mosquito because he is known to wear his signature scarf that is red and black in colours.