What Things You Need To Know Before Buying A Trade Rack For Your Car?

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Trade racks are also known as the roof racks are the one which are used by many people as a customized tool to their vehicle. Many vehicles do not come with the pre-installed trade racks and therefore, people buy it according to their need and install these in to their vehicle. But since there are number of types of the trade racks in the market and not all of them are suitable for all kinds of cars therefore, in order to make the right decision in this case you must consider the following things before buying one.

What is your use with the trade rack?

The first thing that is of concern is what kind of usage you want from the roof trade rack. There could be countless usages such as someone may use the vehicle for the transportation of the bikes from one place to another and some people may use it to move the cargo. Based on what kind of items you need to put on your roof you can make the decision of what kind of trade rack from Allracks and Tube Benders you want since there are different components for the purpose of the attachment of above mentioned items and therefore, determining beforehand that what will be the usage will actually prove to be very helpful for you.

Types of the Trade racks:

The P bar:

The P bar is the kind of the roof trade rack which is the very basic level rood rack and is suitable for the people who are looking for such simple option. This is very well in terms of the weight carrying capacity as well since it is able to carry out almost 75 kg of the weight and you could put anything under that weight on your car. These kinds of the trade rack is not very expensive as well and these are very much accessible as almost every trade rack retailer has these kind. Even if you want to use the roof rack of your vehicle for the transportation of the bikes, furniture and other such sorts, the P bar is the best option.


For the people who are more towards the aesthetic and the looks of the roof trade rack, this is the better option since the design and the look of this kind of trade rack is very sleek and very attractive as well. However, the weight carrying capacity is similar to the P bar one but there are some other factors which make it a little extra than the P bar such as the drag of the wind is less on these and due to which it is more fuel efficient.