Whether you are working in a hospitality industry or any job that requires day to day recording of transactions, triplicate docket book is something that works as a life saver for any task recording. Even though in today’s time of digitization of every basic thing and while most of the hospitality businesses are moving towards digital records, a triplicate docket books is something that still comes in handy to maintaining and recording day to day running transactions. Bencorp makes sure to provide you with a vast collection of triplicate dockets books for your pub, club, café, canteen or a restaurant.  

The main purpose and need of carrying a triplicate docket book is to record and maintain day to day transactions of your business. Not only they can be beneficial for restaurant owners but they are very cheap and act as a low cost option for school canteens, sports club kiosks and café owners. The basic design of a triplicate docket book makes it easy for everyone to understand and also helps people outside the hospitability industry who are looking for options to maintain records of their businesses.  

For organizations that believe in circulation information and maintaining the data internally, a triplicate docket book comes in pretty handy. The major purpose of carrying this book is to ensure that all the deliveries, orders and purchases are noted down somewhere and properly maintained that if anyone gives a look at it can understand the details of the order/purchase.  

Not only a delivery docket books helps in record keeping of transactions, but it can also help in decreasing errors and assists in tracing back errors which can support the staff to follow and maintain an accurate documented process. Triplicate docket books can be printed in different designs and forms which include; quotation books, receipt books, invoice books and purchase order books. One of the most important feature of a triplicate docket book is that these books are carbonless in nature which makes them clean and easy to write on without making any mess.  

Some of the features and product specifications that are generally found in a triple docket book consist of the following: 

  1. Usually comes in 5 types of colors 
  1. Carbonless – which makes it easier to write on 
  1. Sequential page numbering 
  1. Easy tear off perforation  
  1. Comes in a packaging of either 50 or 100 depending on your preference and usage 
  1. An option to upgrade to hard cover top 
  1. Crock board cover in 4 colors 
  1. Soft cover with writing plate 
  1. Binding edge at top or left 
  1. Comes in very affordable prices with lots of pages docket-booklet